About Us

East Anglia’s Leading Outplacement and Redundancy Support Solution

Redundancy Matters is a subsidiary of The Cambridge Counsellor.

We provide a wide range of services to employers and their staff when facing the unfortunate position of redundancies.

We do however offer something unique in that being a counselling organisation we can give our clients an unparalleled service when it comes to looking after their staff’s welfare.

We help individuals and organisations to move forward by delivering flexible, responsive and tailored solutions.

By assisting employers with their redundancy strategy we can make sure that their staff are receiving professional support throughout the process and in turn leaving the retained workforce with a positive belief in the organisations values and future aspirations.

With a wide range of outplacement solutions available we work with clients from the initial planning stage all the way through to securing new opportunities for their staff.

Offering a combination of counselling, career support tools and professional guidance we can give your staff the confidence to face their future knowing they have the ability to maximise their skills and attributes.

Our packages are bespoke and based on gaining a thorough understanding of your needs.

Our clients have come to rely on our service in order to ensure their staff are well looked after and their company image is best protected.

Our testimonials speak for themselves.

Clients include:

Service Outline

If you require support in order to address your staff’s needs through the redundancy process then we can tailor a package to suit you.

We will work directly with your senior management or HR team in order to ensure our service matches your circumstances.

Our professional counselors project a “can do” attitude, ensuring your staff can take control and move forward in their lives.

We look after their emotional needs as well as giving practical advice and support so that they can take charge of their situation and make the absolute best of it.

Our services are bespoke but typically include:

Traditional 1-2-1 counselling.

Considering the options available.

Retirement Planning.

Understanding pensions.

Career change coaching.

Analysis of transferable skills.

Advice on courses and retraining.

Job searching advice.

Writing successful CV’s and covering letters.

Completing application forms.

Social Media coaching.

Interview techniques, practice and feedback.


Advice on self-employment and starting a business.

Financial and Debt counselling.

Individual or group support.

Motivational workshops.